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The Serpents' Shadow by Rick Riordan ~ Review

The Serpents' Shadow (Kane Chronicles #3)
By Rick Riordan

Rating: 5

'I resisted the urge to spike the pigeon. "Yes. But Sadie found this shadow box. She thinks it's some sort of clue. You wouldn't know anything about using shadows against Apophis, would you?"

The pigeon turned its head sideways. "Not really. My understanding of magic is fairly straightforward. Hit enemies with a sword until they're dead. If they rise again, hit them again. Repeat if necessary."'

My thoughts on the book:

The third (and hopefully not final) instalment in the series, The Serpent's Shadow brings to light the upcoming apocalypse. 

Except, it isn't upcoming. It's here. 

The showdown we've all been waiting for - Apophis vs Ra, The Way of the Gods vs the House of Life, Good vs Evil and Protein Bars vs Macho Nachos. But, as usual, nothing goes to plan.

The Kanes face a dilemma. Apophis, using the power of Chaos, is slowly destroying the artefacts that could lead to his destruction. 

When the Book of Overcoming Apophis - their last hope - is snatched away before their eyes, Sadie and Carter have no choice but to follow Plan B. And if you know anything about Plan Bs, they are Plan Bs for a reason. 

Because they normally involve allying yourselves with evil magicians, talking to mentally unstable gods, debating over the 'hotness level' of guys, searching for lost sheut , hosting gods, fighting with gods, talking to your dead parents and trying to save the world from eternal Chaos and destruction.

So obviously, they go with Plan B.

But Ma'at isn't always on their side. The Kane siblings are forced to make heart-tearing decisions that could hold the lives of others in the balance, as well as having to work both together and apart. 

Can they resist the lure of Isis and Horus...and should they? 

Carter struggles with the weight of his new duties and expectations as well as his undeniable attraction to Zia Rashid, a girl whose role in the upcoming war is paramount and shrouded in mystery. 

As for Sadie...guy troubles aren't the only thing worrying our feisty heroine! Sure, Walt's days are numbered and the drop-dead gorgeous God of the Dead Anubis is as mind-boggling as ever (he still speaks in riddles), but a girl has bigger things to worry about. 

(I was very pleased with the amount of Anubis-ness in this book - yes, yes, I am getting as bad as Sadie but cut me some slack...the guy is cute!:D)

Here are some of my favourite quotes:

- 'Each time he (Ammit the Devourer) crashed, he shook his lion's mane and crocodile snout and yipped happily. Carter is scolding me, as always. He says Ammit is female. I'll admit I can't prove it either way, but I've always thought of Ammit as a boy monster. He's much too hyper to be otherwise and the way he marks his territory...but never mind.

"There's my baby!" I cried, quite carried away. "There's my Poochiekins!"

"My lord Osiris!" Disturber lost the bottom of his scroll again. "This is an outrage!"

"Sadie," Dad said firmly, "please do not refer to the Devourer of Souls as Poochiekins."
"Sorry," I muttered and let Ammit down.'

- 'Sadie it's all right," Anubis said. "Your friends are only unconscious. Shu just lowered the air pressure."
"Shoe?" I demanded. "Shoe who?"
Anubis pressed his fingers to his temples. "Sadie...this is Shu, my great-grandfather."
"Ah. The god of...flip-flops. No, wait. Leaky balloons. No___"
"Air!" Shu hissed. "God of the air!"'

- 'In the Duat, Anubis look as he always had, with tousled dark hair and lovely brown eyes, but I (Sadie) had never seen him filled with such rage. I realised that anyone who dared to hurt me would suffer his full wrath.'

It was a brilliant book and I give three cheers for Rick Riordan - the guy who brought us the world of demigods, gods, more gods and pharaoh descendants!:D


  1. Great choices on the quotes! Riordan definitely has a way with humor... :)

  2. You already have me convinced that I need to read a certain other series by this same author now you have me convinced I need to read this one too!

    Cath Brookes (Skagway)


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