Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Devil's Daughter ~ The Morning Star Review

The Morning Star
By Tania Penn

Rating: 4.5

'There's an old saying, "I know they say that first love is the sweetest but that first cut is the deepest." Whomever came up with that, must have been a sadistic idiot. After the first cut, why would you want to punish yourself with additional cuts? You keep going down that road, eventually you'll get dismembered.'

Some people's dads fight fires. Dawn's dad starts them.

Dawn Belial's father, the one and only Lucifer, is a businessman or art collector at first glance- with his nine hundred dollar shoes, designer suits and love of fine wine. But underneath the cultured facade is a burning rage and a broken heart that yearns to be united with the love of his life, the Archangel Michaela...who is also Dawn's mother. And who Lucifer has held captive for centuries, because she refused to reciprocate his ardent love - already in love with another, Ramiel.

Some kids' chores consist of taking out the trash. Dawn's consist of recruiting souls.

When she's not thinking up ways to rescue her mother, Dawn has the life of a typical teenager - attending high school, drinking extremely hot, peppery coffee and hanging out with her incredibly wicked half-sister Venus. But unlike Venus, to whom the party-nightlife-scene never tires or loses its shine, Dawn longs for something more. Centuries have passed, scenes have changed, fads come and gone, souls recruited and fires set and left to burn...the same thing, time after time. Maybe it's her angel side, but Dawn can't help but wonder if she's doing the right thing.

Most guys fall into a succubus' traps. But not this one.

Her sister Venus - a succubus, lurer of unsuspecting men - can snag any guy she chooses to sink her perfectly manicured nails into. But when the very cute, and very British, Gabriel crosses the sisters' path, he is unaffected by Venus' powers and seems intent on pursuing Dawn. Getting to know him, Dawn finds herself feeling emotions she's never felt before...some of them way too human.

Lucifer's daughter doesn't do love...or does she?

Gabriel is a human; it can never end well. Keeping her identity a secret, Dawn steadily falls in love with him and he with her - but not everything is as it seems. Ramiel is intent on rescuing Michaela from her prison, no matter the cost. And as his plan is uncovered, piece by piece, Dawn's heart may just be shattered in the process as well as her perception of who she is and her role in the war between Heaven and Hell.

A story of love unrequited, lost, given and found, 'The Morning Star' is sure to entrap you in a battle of the heart that is as captivating as it is timeless.


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