Friday, 8 March 2013

Celtic Myth & Magic ~ By Blood Review

By Blood
By Tracy E. Banghart

Rating: 4.2

'Most of the other passengers were turned away now, sleeping while the baby was quiet. The cabin lights were dimmed and the flight attendants had disappeared. I wondered if Vermin and I were the only ones who’d never flown across an ocean before. I wondered if anyone else was wishing they were heading in the opposite direction.'

Diapers, accents and blooming powers - the things that summer vacations are made of.

At least, they are for 17-year-old Emma Wong. Emma's mother wants them to 'bond' over in England, where she, 'Dr Mike' (a.k.a The Stepdad), Emma and baby Fermin Vermin will get in some family time. 

Emma likes.
Cute British guys?
She likes even more.
Shopping opportunities?
No girl could refuse.

Puking infants, awkward 'family dinners, babysitting and your friends on the other side of the world?
No thanks.

But Emma takes the new challenge with a grain of salt, finding an ally in Dr Mike's cute research assistant Josh and a friend in the elfish wisp of a girl Ash Gardner - between them providing enough sight-seeing, laughs and good times to counteract her family's dysfunctional antics. 

Do you believe in magic?

A group of New Age Druids - teenagers with a penchant for late night rituals, giddy dancing and downing mystical drink - crosses Emma's path. Drawn to the sense of freedom they seem to bring with them, Emma beings her descent into the 'rabbit hole' of Druid doings, Celtic lunacy and beautiful boys named Simon whose very presence is bewitching. 

But it's all for fun...isn't it? 

Get ready to be in way over your head.

A summer vacation with a sinister twist, with undertones of paranormal energy, By Blood is a story of how the irresistible nature of power and freedom can intoxicate even the most strong-willed of human heads - and how magic is never truly dormant...

...And awakening it could be a messier ordeal than a family dinner!

Emma's sarcastic, biting narrative and the lure of Celtic myth and magic constructs a brilliant book to cosy up with...if you dare!

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