Sunday, 3 March 2013

Need A Guide On Guys? Megan Meade's Got The Answer!

Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys
By Kate Brian

Rating: 4.8

'TooDamn-Funky: It's a start, ok. Been thinking bout the boyz. 'member last year my bro did that immersion thing in Venezuela?

Kciker5525: Where he learned to speak Spanish???

TooDamn-Funky: Yeah! u go for 2 weeks talk nothing but Spanish u come back fluent.
Kicker5535: ...????
TooDamn-Funky: Well this is like a guy immersion program!

Kicker5525: So...what. I'm going 2 b fluent in GUY?

TooDamn-Funky: Exactly! u will c what they talk about alone. U will c how they r with each other. U will c how they THINK!! AND WHEN IT'S DONE YOU'LL BE ABLE TO WRITE A GUY GUIDE BOOK!!

Kicker5525: U r deranged.

It's like 'How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days' - but cuter, with SEVEN times the trouble, pranks, heartbreak and laughs!

Megan Meade's not a girly-girl. But, like any girl, she wonders...what makes guys tick? Why doesn't life comes with a 'Guide On How To Understand The Male Demographic'? 

When her army-based parents want to move the whole family to South Korea, Megan puts her foot down - and is given an ultimatum. South Korea...or the McGowans. Mr McGowan - Mr Meade's friend - offers to let Megan stay with his family if she wants, and Megan recalls that the McGowan family has seven boys.

The perfect chance to get some insight on the opposite sex and start on that longed-for guide!

But the boys turn out to be a motley bunch of annoying, intelligent, hard-ass, sensitive, pranking...boys. 

And Megan isn't sure how to deal with the species in their natural environment. There's Evan with his winning smile and good looks, Finn with his sweet thoughtfulness and artistic talent, Doug with his 'gangster' attitude and childish pranks, Miller with his intelligent mind, and more. Each one is different. But as Megan gets to know them better, she comes to one conclusion.

Boys. Are. Unpredictable.

And maybe - just maybe - that's the best thing about them :)

A chick-flick experience, this book is as sweet as apple pie and bound to capture the hearts of its audience - giving them a guide to boys that may just be a useful tool for every girl to have on her as she ventures into theirworld!

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