Monday, 18 March 2013

Embrace Your Destiny ~ Twin Souls by K.A. Poe Review

Twin Souls (Nevermore #1)
By K.A. Poe

Rating: 4

"Everything you have ever read about vampires - most of it is inaccurate or downright false. We are not beautiful, we don't turn into bats, we don't shrivel up in the sunlight and we are most definitely not afraid of something as fickle as garlic."

Turning eighteen for Alexis, means taking part in the family business. Which just so happens to be vampire hunting.

All she wanted was a new laptop - maybe even the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. But discovering that her parents aren't her real parents, that her Uncle Paul is actually her father and that vampires exist, was not on her birthday list. 

Dealing with the news remarkably well, Alexis finds an ally - and a friend - in the new boy at school, Salem Young.

Who just happens to be a vampire.

On first dates, some guys get the talk from the girl's dad. Salem gets the crossbow.

Her father, a vampire hunter himself, is less than pleased with his daughter befriending a vampire - let alone falling for one, which Alexis seems to be in danger of doing. Alexis tries hard to balance spending time with Salem with her hunter training; reluctant to actually do any of the killing, despite her father's enthusiasm for the 'hunt'. 

But Paul isn't easily placated. No daughter of his will date a vampire while he's got breath in his body.

Myths are just myths...or are they?

Alexis believes it's a co-incidence that her last name, Waldron, translates into the word 'wall-raven'. But when Salem tells her of the myth that speaks of how some hunters can transform into ravens, Alexis begins to have doubts. Does she have abilities she doesn't know of? And will they aid her in dealing with those vampires out there that wish to harm her?

Or will they make her a target?

Like a beautifully composed piano composition, Twin Souls connects with readers - presenting a vampire novel that makes them question who thereal monsters are.

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