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Hybrid (Nevermore #2) by K.A. Poe Review

Hybrid (Nevermore #2)
By K.A. Poe

Rating: 4.4

And the plot thickens...

If you're expecting a soppy tale of an insipid heroine who is silly enough to fall for a vampire who could snack on her for his dinner, and their epic love story that involves candlelight sonatas and fervent confessions of everlasting will be disappointed.

I suggest you look elsewhere for a stereotypical tale of vamps and their girlfriends. :)

This is a tale with so many layers; that doesn't ignore the dangers of the relationship between the girl and the vampire, and that puts emphasis on how each and every 

person has a choice. A choice whether to be the best version of themselves, or theworst. That prejudices can be deadly, family can mean the world and yet it can also be your undoing, your weakness, your blind-spot.

Love makes you blind, but it also gives you strength through its beautiful fragility...a lesson well learnt in the second book in theNevermore series.

Assets will be used...

Alexis has the gift of turning into a raven - an 'asset' of her vampire hunter lineage. But this book explores how differences, especially ones that could harm or change one person in the relationship, can put strain on it. Alexis is originally ashamed of her gift; a gift that is meant to be used to kill vampires. Salem is a vampire. And Alexis can't help but worry that he'll view her as the monster, that becoming more of a hunter will destroy whatever it is they have between them.

(My fanart above ~ Salem and Alexis :))
Mortality - a strength, or a weakness...?

Alexis has common sense. She isn't an airhead, like some YA girls who are so in love that reality hits them harder than a truck coming full speed down a highway. She realises that sooner or later the matter of her mortality, and Salem's immortality, will have to be addressed. They can't live in their 'happy cocoon' forever.

But there are pros and cons to both, and Alexis finds herself wondering what choice she would make, if she was forced to decide. If circumstances, if Fate, made it so she had to choose...between dying, or living as a vampire, forever, with Salem.

Girls that are suspicious as hell...

Okay. I found one teeny, tiny flaw in this novel.

It was kinda obvious...the thing to do with Clare. Salem is concentrating extra hard on finding Hannah, they find the locket, Clare reacts to his name, plagues her dreams - you get the picture. I guess I found it hard to know what was going on - and yet Salem and Alexis didn't. It made the reveal a little anti-climatic. Which was a shame, because it was an awesome thing toreveal! Perhaps making it subtler would have added to the reveal a little more :)

Parental problems. Need I say more?!

If you think Paul was a tough cookie to crack, let me just ain't seen nothin' yet!

I won't give it away...but it was kinda neat...

No. No. I won't.

I can't!

But it's so good!


I won't reveal the best reveal of the entire novel. But I will say this: I will never think of teddy bears the same way again.



Everytime I see a teddy bear, I will picture deserted rooms, blood, hostages, psycho parents and hot vampire boyfriends. The last part will ease the blow a little, I guess!

And as Alexis embraces her destiny and her powers, we turn to the future...

I'll now be heading off to read Book 3; discovering what Salem and Alexis will be up to next!!

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