Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quick Picks ~ Flat-Out of Control

It's time for this week's 'Quick Picks'! The two books I've found particularly intriguing & addictive are Sarah Alderson's Out Of Control and Jessica Park's Flat-Out Celeste.

#1: Out of Control
By Sarah Alderson

Rating: 5

'For a moment it's hard to tell what's real and what's not. It's like watching a television show. But I can't tell which side of the screen I'm on any more.'

My thoughts on the book:

Sarah Alderson works her story-telling magic again, in Out of Control - a novel that is fast-paced and super-duper addictive. Get caught in the mystery and prepare yourself for the chase of your life!

WARNING: this book features a guy character that is hotter than a habanero chilli. Ladies, prepare to swoon.

#2: Flat-Out Celeste (Flat-Out Love #2)
By Jessica Park

Rating: 5

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island & could only have one book with you, which would it be? 

Besides the obvious answer (The Raft-Building Guide For Dummies or How To Survive Life On A Desert Island) my choice would have to be Flat-Out Celeste - a rip-your-heart-out-make-you-laugh-and-cry tale that I could read over and over again without ever getting bored.

What makes this book so addictive is:
- The humour (nerd humour - the best kind!)
- The intensity of the emotions (I sobbed like a baby & laughed like a crazy woman)
- The level of adorable-ness (featuring first dates that are to die for)
- Coffee art (three cheers for the Mad Hatter!)
- Geek saying t-shirts (three cheers for Matt's wardrobe!)

And of course the a-ma-zing characters that have been brought to life by Jessica Park.

It's one of those books where you just can't pick a favourite character. You love them all equally, from Matt & Julie, to Justin & Celeste. But...if I had to pick one...I'd probably pick Justin. Just because not every guy greets girls with a Victorian-esque bow, accepts that not all people are able to deal with social situations, or takes his girlfriend on a date to a Christmas tree lot. And guys that do totally deserve a medal!

The 'Best Boyfriend Of The Year' Award is probably somewhere in Justin's future :)

Definitely one of my favourite reads of 2014, Flat-Out Celeste should most certainly be on your TBR lists (& your bookshelves!), so you can experience this 'violently perfect' (to quote Celeste) story & its deeper message.

The message being that the acceptance of diversity is so important in today's society. And that what is perceived as normal is just that - something that is 'perceived'. It's just a bunch of standards set by someone else. No one should be made to feel inadequate, or isolated.

There's a little bit of 'crazy' and a little bit of 'weird' in everyone. Embrace it! And let out your inner Celeste <3

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