Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thief by C.L. Stone Review

Thief (The Scarab Beetle #1)
By C.L. Stone 

Rating: 4.4

'"We're the good guys, little thief. Stop talking like you're trying to figure out if we're not."

"Bad guys think they're good guys, too."

The corner of his mouth lifted. "Guess it depends on where your morals are, or which side of the law you're on. You've been on the bad guys' side too long."

"I'm not-" I stopped short, realising I was falling into what I was just telling him. "I had good reasons."

"There's always a reason."'

Kayli Winchester is a conundrum.

She's a thief with a conscience, picking her targets carefully. They're usually wealthy, confident, at ease in the world...people who wouldn't miss a few hundred dollar bills leaving their wallets. 

And they never do. Kayli's a natural pickpocket, stealing wallets with practised ease & disappearing into the crowd just as easily.

But she doesn't do it for thrills.

With a father whose only contribution to the family is stealing Kayli's hard-earned money so he can drink it all away at the nearest bar, Kayli pickpockets to keep a roof over the heads of her and her younger brother Wil - to allow Wil to stay in school and to secure a better future for him.

Pickpocketing is the easiest way...just as long as she's never seen.

But little does she know she's being watched.

Kayli's caught the attention of a team of young men living on the edge of the law. Marc, Raven, Corey, Brandon and Axel - each one gorgeous and each one equipped with a different set of talents. 

And all apart of The Academy, a mysterious organisation whose teams specialise in surveillance & espionage.

The boys offer Kayli a choice: to use her skills to help them with their latest job, or to face jail time. 

Intrigued despite her initial misgivings, Kayli agrees. The guys teach her a range of skills from shooting a gun to the art of playing video games. With the team beside her, Kayli has high hopes that their job will be successful and that her life is finally taking a turn for the better.

But danger lurks behind smiles and polite facades.

Who is the enemy? And what do they want? 

Kayli and the team must use every skill at their disposal in order to tell friend from foe before it's too late. But the further the team gets in their job, the more dangerous it is and the thicker the plot becomes. 

Their enemy has found a new target - Kayli. And not even a thief can stay hidden forever.

Get ready to fall head over heels for the Academy boys as they steal your heart as deftly as Kayli snatches wallets.

Thief is a brilliant addition to C.L. Stone's Academy world. With an addictive combination of reconnaissance, many-faceted characters and romance, this first book in The Scarab Beetle series is a YA novel you don't want to miss!

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