Friday, 6 April 2012

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) Review

Marissa Meyer

Rating: 5+

"Cinderelly, Cinderelly!" Ah, the story of Cinderella - a fairytale/Disney legend that has always been associated with images of talking mice, ugly stepsisters, a stepmother with a bouffant hairstyle, pumpkins, a fat fairy godmother and the words "Bippity, boppity, BOO!" When I started this book, Cinder, I was expecting a re-telling that was predictable and not at all emotion-stirring. 

Well...I was wrong!

In fact, the story of the cyborg Cinder - a mechanic in New Beijing - and her battle to escape from her dreary and horrid existence was one of the most vivid and touching re-tellings I have ever read. Not only does it incorporate the 'skeleton' or 'basic structure' of Cinderella's original tale, but it explores beyond the child-like story we all know. The tale is given a darker twist, with a twisting plot that will have you both intrigued and longing for more (says the girl who read it in one sitting!)

The highlights:

- Cinder; how cool is she?!! Her mechanic knowledge had me dazed since I know squat about mechanical lingo and cars, etc, and her personality, her selflessness and the way she feels emotions strongly even though she can't cry - it touched me so much! I think I cried enough for the both of us!
- Iko. She is adorable!! And a fellow fangirl of Prince Kai *winks*. I like how she knows just how hot Prince Kai is and is not afraid of making Cinder feel uncomfortable by telling her 24/7! 
- Kai. 
- Kai.
- Kai (no this is not a spell error or a repetitional error. He's there multiple times for a reason!)
- The ball scene (tears, tears, crying, emotional rollercoaster)

The end was a good way! I mean, how can Marissa just LEAVE US THERE?!! Argh! I was dying to know what happened next and then ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS appeared and I was like "WHAT????" Yes...I'm not always this emotional! Blame it on Cinder!

Loved it. Adored it. So read it!!! Yes, you! All of you should read this masterpiece and submerged yourself in a world - Lunar versus Earth - where cyborgs and lost feet are only the beginning!!


  1. I was emotional wreck reading Cinder as well... loved your review. As a fellow self-proclaimed bookworm, I am now a follower! <3 be sure to check out my blog if you get a chance.

  2. *an lol. I must have been distracted by your awesome book background ;)


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