Thursday, 10 November 2011

Debut Book Review: Brightly Woven

Brightly Woven
By Alexandra Braken

Rating: 5+

'Ah, I thought, feeling the first brush of tingling warmth as we fell into the unknown. Magic.'

Sixteen year-old Sydelle Mirabil has lived in her small desert town for as long as she can remember, and every day has been the same. 

Food, rain and adventure are scarce and deep down, Sydelle longs to travel and hone her incredible weaving skills. 

When Wayland North, a passing wizard, brings rain to her village, he is promised anything he’d like as a reward. He chooses Sydelle, claiming he is in need of an assistant. Hurt by her parent’s hasty relinquishment and excited at the prospect of an adventure, Sydelle joins Wayland on a quest unlike any other.

But as the pair travel together, intent on stopping an upcoming war and pursued by foes, secrets begin to taint the bond between them. 

Why did Wayland really choose Sydelle? Why does every wizard they cross paths with have an interest in her? 

In the midst of freak snowstorms, earthquakes, fiery duels and a fragile friendship, Sydelle must answer these questions if she is to ever understand herself…and Wayland’s past.

A brilliant and epic fantasy novel, Brightly Woven gives readers a capable, talented heroine and a plot line thick with detail and delightful twists. It is utterly refreshing the way the dialogue flows so smoothly - the one-liners and witty comebacks perfectly placed to deliver a cast of characters you’ll never forget.


  1. I loved this book I just wish they would make a sequel. I would love to hear more about her and North.

  2. I liked how it was unlike most fantasy novels - there was nothing 'Twilight'ish and it really took fantasy novels to a whole new level! Alexandra definitely deserves to be Author of the Week!


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