Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Review: MissMatch by Erynn Mangum

Erynn Mangum

Rating: 5

Lauren Holbrook is known as being many things: a chocoholic, a caffeine-addict, a total fan of Pride and Prejudice and now… a matchmaker - or what she likes to call, “matchmaking for the romantically challenged.”(Such as herself!)

To Laurie, nothing could be easier than match-making a few friends here and there – but is it really as simple as it seems? And what will happen when Laurie discovers that a simple introduction can bring complicated results – even for her? Along the way - with help from her Bible, friends and wacky family – Laurie learns the meaning of true love, good coffee and the ability to trust that God’s plan is always good enough.

A funny, romantic and heart-warming tale that will have you in its grip until the very last page, Miss Match is a definite pick for lovers of comedy, romance, religion, friendship and tales with a happy ending! Re-Match and Matchpoint – the next installments in the series – are also available, as well as Erynn's new series CoolBeans.

Note: even if you don't like anything to do with God and beliefs, etc., MissMatch is still an excellent read. I know plenty of people who've read it who aren't religious and have said it was well worth the read, just for the storylines, characters and laughter that accompanied it!

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