Friday, 11 November 2011

Question Friday: INHERITANCE

This week's question is centred around the release of the new Inheritance book by Christopher Paolini. Now, sitting and typing, I wonder whether the ending to this book - after nearly a year and a half, to two years of waiting - will be satisfactory to all those who've loved the series for so long. So here's the question:

Q: If you could end the Eragon series any way, what would it be?

Send answers by adding a comment to THIS post. The best answer will get its own special post on the blog's upcoming NEW section YOUR HAPPY ENDING, where I'm planning on posting your - and my - endings to the series we love!!

See you and PLEASE take a try at this week's question!

BookNut 101

1 comment:

  1. Great question, BookNut! If I could end the series any way I would probably have Murtagh team back up with Eragon (Murtagh is super cute!) and for Roran to be the last rider. That would be the best ending I think, that way both cousins are riders and can fight evil together.


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