Sunday, 13 November 2011

I Wish to Ramble and Therefore I Will On...Gemma Doyle.

Rambling time! I desperately need a vent for my main source of frustration...The Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

Now it may have been an ENTIRE YEAR since I finished reading the series (I did warn readers I have a slightly obsessive streak right?!) but I still can't get over the ending!! For those who don't know what I'm talking about please stop reading, go back home, burn your copies and may join my tearfest. (N:B This is a great series (REALLY!) but it gets on my nerves...the THIRD book, that is. Stop at the second and you'll be fine.)

1.) Why on Earth do you create characters like Kartik (who are handsome, charismatic, smart, loyal and did I mention hot?) just for them to TURN INTO TREES?!! For pity's sake, why?!

2.) Why bother creating such a beautiful romance between two characters if one turns into a tree and the other leaves forever on a ship with no one to be an official loner for the rest of her miserable life?!

3.) Why is it that Gemma's friends are so...deranged? One has an abusive daddy and decides to go out with the other best friend (who is a girl) and another one wants to run away to join the theatre but also wants to slit her wrists - but what to choose?

4.) Why did Felicity ditch the gypsy guy? Why, I ask you?

5.) Why did the gypsy guy die?! Correction: why did every available male either die, get their souls sucked into a tree, become possessed or try to drug Gemma?

6.) Why isn't Felicity put in an asylum for the mentally ill? I mean, she first goes hunting with a possessed huntress woman, nearly kills Kartik (a MASSIVE offence), flirts with both genders, is a witch with a b, ditches gypsy guy, falls for the friend, then leaves to travel, but is still haunted by memories of a totally messed up life...for like, a seventeen/eighteen year old. 

7.) Why does Pippa turn cannibal? (That scene was WRONG. These little girls chanting and then cutting off that teacher's head. I thought it was a gothic romance novel, not a horror story.)

8.) Why does anyone care about seeing Pippa constantly? She's DEAD. Leave it at that and move on. But nooooo, just go through a magic door and visit dead people - go ahead! And see how well that turns out!

9.) Why do seers never see the important parts of the future? I mean, all that Mother whatever-her-name-was did was paint the school in icky concoctions, do the whole eye-rolling-back-into-head thing, chant, freak people out...and yet she couldn't have said "Hey Gemma. Do not run straight at Kartik's deranged brother. He's holding a sharp sword. It is sharp. It will hurt. Then instead of you dying Kartik will get sucked into a blood-thirsty tree. Then all fangirls will mourn." THAT would have been useful!

10.) Why? Just a big why for the whole third book ('The Sweetest Far Thing')! It should have been called 'The Farthest Thing From Sweet' or 'The Thing that Could have been Sweet if not for the Untimely Demise of Kartik (RIP)'. 

This image is SO cute. Totally the solution to this (though I prefer Kartik the Human as to Kartik the Afro-tree).

Rant over. *breathes out*. I can now move on with my life. So! See you all 'round!
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