Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Inheritance - A Quick Relatively Spoiler-Free Review

I'm content. I could get abducted by Fae tomorrow (hopefully Ash - that would make it much more worthwhile!) and have lived fully, having finished the last book of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. It was...magical (yeah, no pun intended) and fulfilled my high expectations. It may have been a little sad (no sprinklers, but still) but it really shone a light on what makes this series so spectacular and I think Christopher has done a wonderful and praise-worthy job of finishing Eragon's journey.   

Eragon is just how we remember him - quick-thinking, a little unsure, love-sick (Arya is quite the tormentor!) and overall loyal to the cause of ridding the land of the Big G (great name, right? Like how you have rapper names, Galbatorix can be Big G...anyways....) and of evil. 
But it isn't as easy as it seems. Allies are few, Glader is still locked inside his Eldunari, Murtagh is still alive and powerful (and did I mention very, very goodlooking?) and Eragon is hopelessly underprepared for the battle ahead.

A few hints for what's to come:
  • More Angela ( I love Angela - without her the story would lack a certain spark)
  • Roran fights in more battles
  • Eldunari play an important part
  • Murtagh plays an important part
  • The green egg - does it hatch?
  • The reason to why Galbatorix is really so powerful
  • Nasuada finds love (Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved just started playing in my head....darn internal CD player!)
  • Vault of Souls...need I say more?
  • Think back to Angela's prophecy and then think of any unexplainable events that have occurred throughout the series
  • Totally epic awesomeness
Now...I was going to rate it a 5, BUT - I was a little sad about the ending. It left so much unanswered, but I can understand the difficulties (e.g. audience interest, length, etc.). Hopefully, one day, we'll hear more about Angela and her past. 

Until then, Atra esterní ono thelduin. Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr. Un du evarínya ono varda. 
(May good fortune rule over you. Peace live in your heart. And the stars watch over you.)

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  1. Ooh! Sounds like an excellent read. I haven't read Brisingr yet (shame on me!) but I should get around to finishing the series!

  2. Nice review. I love this series, but I haven't read this book yet. Sounds like I'll have to read it too. Your bookblog.ning friend.

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  4. Do you happen to know if a second movie will be made in this series?

  5. I thought this was the best book in the whole series! For 12 hours straight, I did nothing but read this book. (: And while Eragon's story is finished, Paolini says he'll be writing a Book V to cover all the loose threads.

    Great review!

    The Page Sage


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