Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bows at the Ready ~ Awry Review

Awry (Archers of Avalon #2)
By Chelsea Fine

Rating: 5

I couldn’t stop loving you even if I tried. And I’ve tried.” 

He shook his head and laughed without humor, his hands balling into fists. “God, how I’ve tried. But I am completely lost to you. I am lost and empty and broken -”

“My heart is broken too -”

“My heart is not broken, Scar. My heart is dead!

WARNING: The male characters in this book may cause excessive fangirling and heart palpatations.

To start ideal Archer brothers would look like this:

And yes, I'm aware that these are in fact, Jack and Finn. But hey...a girl can dream!

So out heroine, Scarlet, is all, "Pffft, no! I don't have feelings for Tristan!" *averts gaze* "What...what on Earth are you babbling about?!"

This book was basically literary torture. 

The girl's got amnesia. 
Everyone's out to kill her. 
The curse gets worse. 
Her love life's in ruins. 

Plus, we as the reader, have to choose between two amazingly talented, sweet and gorgeous guys. I mean, can't we just have both? Please?!

As for Tristan, the Hot N Cold act gets on my nerves...that is, until his green eyes melt into hers and he looks at her like he could never look away because his heart, his dreams and everything he is, belongs to her...*sighs*

And the evil guy (or gal in this case) sends ashmen after them. 

Zombies. Seriously? Do we have to go so old school? 

Why not a nice assassin, or a hit man or something that links with this whole 'hunting and chivalry' era. Oh, no - by all means find strange flowers and cast spells to raise the dead. Go right ahead, don't mind me!

Also, Nate needs to attend a few classes.

Or, you know, just that class called: 'When People Are Having Extremely Swoon-worthy Moments For The Love of Everything Sacred In This World Don't Interrupt Them!'

But no, he's all: 

"No touching!"

Or his favourite: "Do I need to put you two in those big plastic bubbles?"

Review complete...I am now off to hunt down the next book so as to fangirl a little bit more. 

There's no such thing as too much fangirling.
Or reading.
Or Tristan!

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