Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blood Is Thicker Than Water - Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound
By Rachel Vincent

Rating: 4

Cedo nulli. Latin for "I yield to no one.” 

Remarkably different from her Soul Screamers series, Rachel Vincent's 'Blood Bound' brings readers a story of one kick-ass heroine whose bravery knows no bounds...even the ones branded into her own skin and signed in blood.

Liv can track people using their blood, but that isn't the least of her worries. Bound by a childhood blood promise - which at the time seemed like simple childlike friendship and a promise to be there for one another - she's forced to fulfil the terms of the oath, whether she likes it or not. The girls knew not to abuse the terms of the oath, but when one of them, Anne, turns up on Liv's doorstep and asks her for help, Liv is helpless to refuse. And with no choice, Liv agrees, binding herself to a quest that is thicker than blood and even more complex. A quest for a murderer whose intentions are all too sinister, and not what they seem.

Added to heartbreaking prophecies, mafia bosses, shootouts, true love, promises and servitude that chafes at one's autonomy, 'Blood Bound' is bound to have you hooked and wanting more.

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