Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Graveminder by Melissa Marr Review

By Melissa Marr

Rating: 4.5

'He cradled his bloody arm and tried to stand. "This isn't right. You aren't right. You aren't suppose to be here."

"But I am.”'

The town of Claysville has a well-kept secret...a very deadly one.

A secret pact between two worlds, whose consequences will affect the lives of one man and one woman for the rest of their natural lives. A pact which ensures the town's safety from its newly departed. A pact which seems to be crumbly as we speak.

Rebekkah Barrow wants to escape Claysville forever. But will she even have a choice?

Rebekkah, above all, longs for freedom - freedom to live her life, freedom to be herself and freedom from her tangled feelings for Bryon Montgomery, the man she left behind. But the death of her grandmother may pull Rebekkah into a fate she never wanted. A fate that will take what little freedom she has. The fate of a Graveminder.

Byron Montgomery would do anything for the woman he loves.

Including swearing an oath to protect her with his life. Including being her Undertaker and journeying with her into the depths of Death itself.

Death comes unexpectedly...but some deaths are too violent to be natural.

A member of the dead is not obeying the pact and people are dying, their flesh torn and their lives snatched from them. As Graveminder and Undertaker, it is Rebekkah and Byron's job to see that the undead is found and dealt with. 

They must protect both the dead and the living, no matter the price.

My thoughts:

The solution? Byron and Rebekkah work together!! Da work!

And Rebekkah's so moody. It's like she constantly has PMS! Yes, I understand that her grandma died, but give Byron a break! The poor guy is trying to make this work, and everytime he's like "What's wrong?", she's all like:

As for the dead girl who's wrecking havoc, she's all:

But the book was seriously awesome. I love the rituals that Rebekkah's grandma does for the dead - the food and then the wine. I thought that was sweet, especially how she visits each grave and talks to them, spending time with them. 

A good read - check it out!!

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