Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bite the Apple - Eve and Adam...Perfection or Not?!

Eve and Adam
By Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Rating: 4.7

“This much I know already... 

When Tommy and the Big Brains, in whispered, wry asides, talk about Project 88715, they call it something else. 

They call it the "Adam Project.” 

Miracles don't exist...or do they?

Evening Spiker has always loved biology, as well as the arts - her mother, Terra Spiker, one of the lead names in the scientific fields, although her methods are often less than savoury and her work is shrouded in mystery. After a freak car accident, Evening undergoes an operation at her mother's research facility. Her leg, cut off, is now a level that is far too good to be true.

Soul mates don't exist...or do they?

Evening's mother gives her something to pass the time - a kind of simulation where, through virtual DNA and technological commands, you can create a 3-D, virtual and yet startling realistic human being. And Evening's mother's task? To create the perfect guy. But...what is perfect? And that is a question Evening must answer for herself as she creates 'Adam'.

Freedom doesn't exist...or does it?

Solo has been stuck as Terra Spiker's ward/assistant for as long as he can remember - ever since the freak car accident that killed both his parents. When Evening is brought in to the facility, Solo is stuck. His growing feelings for Evening may be the undoing of the plans he has laid out to take Terra Spiker - and her facility - down. Solo unveils secrets to Evening that she never knew, opening her eyes. And in turn, Evening gifts Solo with an understanding of what it means to have friends and how having something to save can be more important than bringing about ruin.

No one can play God...or can they?

But someone is one step ahead of Solo and Evening. Someone has the technology to make your biggest dreams a reality, to create something that rivals any masterpiece every created by mere human hands. But playing God has a price - for both the creation and the creator.

Eve and Adam is a dystopian novel to rival the best. So take a bite of the apple and read it today!

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