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Race To the Finish ~ Avow by Chelsea Fine Review

Avow (Archers of Avalon #3)
By Chelsea Fine

Rating: 5+

'Tristan followed so close behind her she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. 


“Ten foot rule,” called Nate. 

“Bite me!” Tristan hollered back, more hot breath caressing her skin with his words. 

A wonderful shiver ran through her body. Damn him and his beautiful mouth and hot breath and his leather-smelling shirt.

She assumed he was headed to his own room in the basement, but when she walked into the guest bedroom, he followed her inside. She turned around to tell him to leave her alone, but his bright green eyes derailed her words. He was so pretty…

No! No. He was not pretty. He was in danger of dying. Focus on the danger, Scarlet. 

She glared at him. “What are you doing?” 
“I’m sleeping with you.” 

Was he insane? She lifted a brow. “I thought you were mad at me.” 

“I’m concerned. Not mad.” 
“Huh. Well either way you’re not sleeping with me.” 
“Yes, I am.” 

He was insane. “No,” Scarlet repeated. “You’re not. You could die, Tristan. We can’t touch and we certainly can’t…sleep together.” She felt her face flush.

A look of amusement crossed his face. “I meant sleep, Scar.” 

“Oh. Well.” She cleared her throat. “I don’t want to wake up next to a corpse, so, like…scram.”'

When your ex-fiance's supposed-to-be-dead (and apparently not dead) psycho ex-girlfriend appears on the know it's not gonna be pretty.

Raven's back. 

Why? She's bent on finding the Fountain of Youth. The same fountain that Scarlet, with her newly-recovered memories, knows the exact whereabouts of...a fountain that Scarlet doesn't want found, because of the deadly fate that awaits. 

The rules applying to the Fountain of Youth are stricter and more heartbreaking than Gabriel, Tristan and Nate ever imagined. There's no happy ending for any of them there.

But Scarlet may not have a choice.

Raven's got ammo - both Gabriel and Heather are abducted and if Scarlet wants to ever see them again, alive, she'll have hand over the map of the fountain's whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, readers delve into memories of a past Scarlet remembers with new-found clarity as well as select memories from Tristan and Gabriel. These memories fill in the gaps of our knowledge of the trio, the lives Scarlet didn't remember and the torturous relationship between her and Tristan.

Scarlet must make a choice, drawing on all of her lives and her experiences. Does she share the secret of the fountain?

Or does she sacrifice her happily ever after for the boys she loves?

My thoughts:

Note to God: Every girl needs a Tristan.
Note to Guys: If any of you are a Tristan, please let me know.
Note to Santa: Can I have a Tristan for Christmas?!


So beautiful *sniffles and swipes at eyes* 

Ah! I'm teary and so, so happy! I think I need to go cry about the fact I don't have a Tristan :/

I was a rollercoaster whilst reading this book - an emotional wreck. 

All thanks to Chelsea, who does a wonderful of job of including 100 million Tristan + Scarlet moments...the tension was swoon-worthy, let me tell you! 

And then when Raven comes in...and then Gabriel and Heather are hostages...and then the fountain...ah!

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  1. Ha! You make me want a Tristan for Christmas too!

    If you have the time, it would mean a lot to me if you would review my first book, Faetal. It's going be free on 12/16/12 on Amazon so you can grab it. :)

    Have a lovely day!


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