Thursday, 27 December 2012

For the Love of Art - A Sketch of Erynn Mangum's Latest Masterpiece

Sketchy Behaviour
By Erynn Mangum

Rating: 4.3

Nothing's sketchy about Erynn Mangum's latest cute and easy-to-love novel Sketchy Behaviour! 

Our protagonist, Kate, has an artistic knack for drawing - sketching, especially. But her life is turned upside down one art class, when they're asked to sketch a known criminal, simply by listening to a given description and drawing what they 'see' in their minds. Because not only does Kate's drawing look exactly like the criminal in question, but the authorities use it to catch him and bring him to jail. 

Kate is a heroine. But fame comes with a price.

Now the criminal knows who she is. Now Kate could be a possible target. With around-the-clock supervision, trips to the police station and public parades, Kate's life has taken a turn - but whether it's for the worse, only she will be able to say. But what she does know is - at the end of all of this - there is one question left unanswered: does having the skills mean you're cut out for the role? 

A look inside forensics, the trials of entering a faith, the dynamics of family and the world of criminal hit-and-misses, Sketchy Behaviour will have you smiling - as well as gripping the book to you, enthralled, as you wait, with baited breath, the conclusion to Kate's rollercoaster tale.

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