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Riveting Requests: Skyla Madi's 'Your Guardian Angel'

Your Guardian Angel (The Guardian Angel Series #1)
By Skyla Madi

Rating: 4.8

"I didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but I did know that I would be ready for it."

Some people have evil stepfathers. And some have evil stepfathers who just so happen to be ravenous vampires.

Ruby Moore's life gets turned upside down when her stepfather attacks her and her mother - draining her mother's life before her eyes and then turning Ruby into a vampire. Unfortunately for him, somehow, the turning was only half successful. Ruby still retains her original powers, powers that she got from her mother. Ruby is half goddess, half vampire, scarred by memories of her stepfather that haunt her as she tries to resume her life and maintain some normalcy.

And your birthday just isn't a birthday unless you're abducted halfway through it.

To make matters worse, Ruby gets abducted on her birthday - luckily though, these particular abductors are not out to kill her (well, not all of them - Tay sure wants to, but he won't act on it. But hey - you can't please everyone). They're from Sage Sanctum, a place for gods, goddesses and guardian angels - a place her mother once spent her days in. And Sage Sanctum can offer Ruby what no one else can: her old life back.

They can reverse the turning and revert her back to a goddess.

Ruby is ecstatic at the opportunity. But even if she is to revert back, danger is far from gone. Her stepfather is still after her, with a pack of loyal vampires at his command, not to mention psycho pseudo vampire hunters, bitchy goddesses-in-training and the mysterious murderer making their mark inside the Sanctum walls. 

But this time she isn't alone. She's got Eli by her side.

As her guardian angel, Eli will stop at nothing to protect her - like his father before him protected Ruby's mother. But pretty soon the duo's feelings start to waver from the safe realms of comradeship and into deeper, more dangerous depths that could put them both at risk. Angels can't be with goddesses - each must find love within their own kind. That is the rule. A rule Ruby can't help but question as she falls for the one person she can't have.

Will Ruby's powers mature in time for the inevitable showdown?

Love issues aside, Ruby knows that the clock is ticking. Sooner or later the evil that lurks will come to the surface.

And Ruby Moore will be waiting.

My thoughts:

Brilliant, brilliant book! 

Eli was amazing. Yes, I know, that makes it sound like I'm an obsessive fangirl, but it's the truth! 

"So you're a guardian angel?"
"Where are your wings?" I wondered aloud, as I often did.
Eli laughed. "I assume you expect angel wings to be big and white and feathery."
"No, they aren't like in books at all...Our wings aren't physical. They are a mass of energy, in the shape of wings, yes, but not really."
"Wow, what a rip off."

That quote made me laugh. I liked how Skyla Madi takes your pre-conceived notions of angels, gods and goddesses and gives them a 21st century makeover. Her main character, Ruby, is (let's face it) not the most socially apt (I mean, she practically melts everytime Eli's in the room - but who wouldn't?!) but she's real. She experienced trauma (obviously) from her past. But she gets on with it. She makes an effort. She doesn't put bros before chicks. She gives pervs and bitches their money's worth - she's not afraid to fight back and stand up for herself. So here's to a heroine with backbone!

Ok. Now that I've gone all 'ga ga' over the book, I need to complain about one thing...


Ruby gets a whistle. She blows it = hot guy (a.k.a Eli) comes to her rescue. I. Want. One. These should be, like, compulsory items for the general female demographic. In trouble? Scared? Lost? Blow this ANGELMATIC WHISTLE and your personal, good-looking angel will be with you in seconds!
(I could totally type up an advertisement script for that, let me tell you!)

And the end...the END!!

My gravestone will read;
Booknut 101
Death By Cliffhanger
Loving Bookworm. Obsessive Fangirl.
May She Find That Ending.


  1. I love vamp fiction and this book sounds like a must read. Love the review!

  2. Love that review! Especially the end of your review, for that is the story of my life.


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