Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dark Stars In the Night Sky - Rosie Black Chronicles End On a High Note!

Dark Star (Rosie Black Chronicles #3)
By Lara Morgan

Rating: 5

'“Well, they asked for it," Essie said. "People should learn not to mess with the Black women.”'

(And one more quote because I love Pip:))

'“Rosie, it's okay, it's me."
She knew that voice. She pulled the hand off her mouth.
He let her go and she spun around.
He smiled, blue eyes glinting. "Surprise."
For a second she was too stunned to move, then she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight, almost knocking him off balance.

Lara Morgan makes me so proud to be Australian! As everyone knows, us Australians are:

And our authors are no exception to that! The latest, and final, novel in the 'Rosie Black Chronicles' is a fast-paced adventure - a race against time to save the world as we know it, five hundred years into the future.

Rosie is an amazing heroine. The word 'strong' doesn't even come close to describing her - the girl has to live with that horrid implant thing in her brain which means constant pain 24/7, plus she gets tortured, plus she's trying to save her loved ones and on top of everything else the world is in danger and she has the information to either save or destroy it.

No pressure.

Highlights and thoughts:
- Pip was so adorable I wanted to hug him...or kiss him. But Rosie got there first :(
- Aunt Essie is a psycho and bad-ass as hell, and I love her for it!
- Riley was as useful as sand in the desert. In other words...he wasn't.
- Dalton has daddy issues. BIG daddy issues. Like my-dad-is-evil-holy-shit-I-think-he-killed-my-bro issues.
- Cassie isn't really an ice princess. Really. She's just a tad bitchy, self-absorbed and misunderstood.
- Alpha wasn't a wolf. He was a guy. With guns at his disposal, but I thought the name 'Alpha' summoned too much expectation in the readers. The guy was a loser. His name should have been 'Beta'!
- Did I mention that Pip's worrying over Rosie was adorable?
- Pip's smile. We need a blog, a Tumblr or just a website devoted to Pip's smile.
- Pip's blue eyes. A website is also called for.
- Pip's 'I'm-too-goodlooking-when-angry' moments. 
- Pip. Pip. Pip.

A side note: Pip and beautiful boys FINALLY make peace!! 
It was so cute - no spoilers, don't worry - but when they finally see eye-to-eye, I was waiting for them to have a bro-to-bro hug, or something, but the situation was kinda awkward to say the least:

I'm so sad that the series has come to an end!! But what an amazing journey it has been. One I, certainly, will never forget and I thank Lara over and over again for the masterpiece she has created and the colourful cast of characters that will inspire and enchant readers for generations to come :D

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