Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quick Picks ~ Endgame by Nenia Campbell

Endgame (Voluntary Eradicators #1)
By Nenia Campbell

Rating: 4.8

“Crazy people always think they're perfectly sane. It's what makes them so crazy; their entire delusion lies within the fact that they believe they aren't deluded.”

My thoughts on the book:

Umm, I think I may be suffering from cliffhanger shock.

Because there is no way that is the end of this book.

I mean (*hyperventilating*) who would end a book like that? Who would torture their readers in such a way?!

Nenia, of course! *takes hat off to Nenia*

Taking readers on a mental - and emotional - adventure, with enough kick-ass-ery to make a COD (Call of Duty) fan happy, Nenia Campbell has created a world unlike any other. 

With more twists than Inception, Vol's story will make you laugh, wince, tear up and fan yourself repeatedly (Catan is one serious rogue, ladies!). It will resonate with you. It will have you wanting more. 

It will have you trapped in a deviant game of your own making as you struggle to tell the difference between sanity and insanity, bravery and stupidity, right and wrong and real and not real.

This book made me wish that people like Nenia were in charge of running the world.

Can you imagine getting to 'physically' be inside a game? Mario Kart would be wicked. I would be blue-bombing the hell out of everyone and breaking the speed limit three times over!! 

Moving on...

Another perk of this book: Nenia is not stingy with her vocab!

Because, everyone, the English language is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Use it. Stop using 'like', 'whatever' and 'YOLO'. 

Use words like: m

Do you know what that word means? It means: 'a name'. 
That's right. I know, I'm speechless too. 

Challenge: use 'moniker' in a sentence today - come on, I dare you!

Nenia is a vocab goddess...and she makes readers want to pursue a career in professional gaming.

Conclusion to my errant rambling: Please read this marvellous book because it is awesome, you will like it and if you don't like it for the plot, heroine or vocab, just read it for Catan ;)

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