Monday, 21 January 2013

Sun Kissed - The Guardian Angel #2 Review

Sun Kissed 

(The Guardian Angel #2)

""Oh. I forgot my handbag, excuse me," I said retreating back to the safety of my room.
"What's wrong?" Mila asked, as the door clicked behind me.
"Eli is escorting us to dinner."Mila's mouth dropped open. "It's like a cheesy sitcom."

Ruby's back for more action, romance, mystery and of course angel-action. But with other powers out here to control her, and evil on the rise, will she manage to get out of trouble...or will she have to sacrifice everything for the sake of those she loves?

My thoughts:

Dear friends. I am admitting myself to the 'Ward of Broken Hearts'. Of 'Lost OTP Dreams'. Of 'Cliffhanger Casualties'. Why? BECAUSE EVERYTHING HURTS TOO GODDAMN MUCH!!

I NEED Eli and Ruby to just get together and STAY together. Is that too much to ask? For a couple that manage to survive vampire attacks, impending doom and the hormonal horrors of a paranormal academy, they can't even manage to forgo the whole 'I'm not gonna be with you 'cause you might die' scenario. What...what if they don't end up together?!

But I must admit, I loved this book to shreds. Not literally, of course. Gees, people!Though I do have one word of advice for Ruby. And it is as follows: Honey. If you don't want people to know you have a thing for your guardian angel PLEASE REFRAIN FROM OGLING HIS SIX-PACK EVERYTIME YOU SEE HIM. 'Cause it ain't subtle, and everyone around you is all:

So yeah. I'm emotionally drained and craving double chocolate walnut brownies. What's new?!

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