Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rippers and Tea Cups - The Name of the Star

The Name of the Star (Shades of London #1)
By Maureen Johnson

Rating: 4.7


A big thanks to Genie, my wonderful friend, for recommending this book to me. From the very first page of The Name of The Star - with its teenage American narration, quirky references and lots of laughs - I was caught up in this whirlwind of a tale. A tale about a girl named Rory, who went to an English boarding school...unaware that Jack the Ripper (or his mimicker) was on the loose again, bloodying the streets of London.

The book starts off, and you assume that it is firmly grounded in reality - quite Agatha Christie-like, really - but then your entire perception of the novel is shaken up halfway through, as the whole affair becomes eerie, deadly and maybe even paranormal. I love that Maureen chose Jack the Ripper, linking history with the 21st century and appealing to the reader's funny bone was well as the part of them that shelters their darkest fears. 

One of the most resonating bits, for me, was when Stephen told of his suicide experience. The details, the sent shivers down my spine and I couldn't believe how accurate all these descriptions were - of love, attraction, fear, misery, boredom...all the emotions in this book were raw, real and spot on. 

Maureen transports the story to your doorstep; frighting-ly close, so that you can almost feel Jack's breath upon your neck...

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  1. I too like it when an author references historical elements in their fiction. I'm one of those people who will read something and then ask Google if it is based on anything real. It is so delightful when the answer is yes.


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