Thursday, 3 January 2013

Date With the Devil - Boyfriend From Hell Review

Boyfriend From Hell (Falling Angels #1)
By E. Van Lowe

Rating: 4

"What happened to the good old days when mothers wore knee length skirts and spent all their time in the kitchen baking bread? Those mothers didn't care about dating, or questionnaires, or butts. All they cared about was how good their kitchens smelled. I suddenly had a taste for fresh baked bread.
She looked at me and smiled. "What do you say?"
"Sure," I replied weakly. "It'll But let's order some cheesy bread."
It was as close as I was going to get to the good old days."

Every relationship has its highs and lows.

But Megan and her mother Suze have the best mother-daughter relationship ever. They confide in each other, sniffle over re-runs of Sense and Sensibility and know each other back to front. There are no surprises in the Barnett household. And no drama. 'Cause who needs a man to be happy?!

Until the day Suze announces she's thinking of dating.

Which wouldn't be a bad thing, right? Megan's fine with it. Let her mum get it out of her system. Let her realise that no guy is truly good enough for Suze Barnett, single mother and peony lover. Sure, it makes Megan look like a dag ('cause hey - she's 15 and she hasn't got a boyfriend), but there's always the new guy - mysterious Guy, whose very presence makes Megan tongue-tied. 

She's not jealous. Or paranoid. Or plotting her mother's new boyfriend's inevitable downfall.

That is, up until the day 'Armando' turns out to be the Devil himself.

And then nothing can stop Megan from looking for a way to banish him from their lives forever. Except for the one tiny little one believes her. Not even her best friends, Matt and Erin. Everyone thinks she's crazy for stalking Armando, posing as a Girl Scout, mixing holy water into her mother's 40th birthday cake and trying to coax him into wearing a crucifix. 

But Megan will protect her mother - even if she has to go up against the powers of Hell to do so.

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