Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Enchanting Editions ~ The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

I'm so excited to welcome you back to the Enchanting Editions tag!

The Enchanting Editions tag covers some of the treasured and special books that have a home on my bookshelves - books which stand out, either due to their outsides or their insides.

I've really been having so much fun with this tag. It's gotten me to view my bookshelf in a whole new light, and I've stumbled across some treasures that have brought back so many great childhood memories...especially when it comes to today's pick!

Today's featured book is The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (illustrated by Pauline Baynes)

This edition contains all seven Chronicles of Narnia books and is dressed in a gorgeous dust cover which features a stunning colour version of the Narnia map. And since I simply adore maps in books, finding one on a book officially made my day! LOOK AT THE DETAILS IT'S SO PRETTY THERE ARE TINY BOATS AND PEOPLE!!

This book is living the life, chilling in my childhood rocking chair...whilst I hunch over it trying to get a good picture. THE THINGS WE DO FOR BEAUTY!

The gold behind the title is all shimmery and pretty. Also, did I mention the VIVIDNESS of the map?! The colours are TO DIE FOR.

The front (see image above) is flawless. The title is understated, a nice choice as the cover image the map of my dreams! speaks for itself. The cover is so richly coloured and detailed that I can't help but feel like it should be accompanied by some dramatic background music!

Made this image extra large so you guys can embrace the awesomeness that is this map. The CALLIGRAPHY! The MINI ILLUSTRATIONS! The COLOUR! It's a rainbow-coloured wonderland <3

The back cover of the book (see above image) features a full version of the Narnia map. This allows you to see all the amazing details that where partially hidden on the front cover. Not only are there coloured spheres on the right side of the map depicting the seven stories, but there are spheres all over the map that offer glimpses into the key places in the stories.

It's ANOTHER MAP!! *cue the confetti, candy and cake*

Each page of the book - or at least every second page - is adorned with a jaw-dropping illustration. The colours lift these illustrations to a whole other level, making for a book which both entertains the mind and delights the eye.

In all honesty this book's illustrations are so pretty and distracting I forget there's text accompanying them!

#IllustrationGoals #CaspiansHair

*sighs dreamily* I'm in illustration heaven...!


Which of the Chronicles of Narnia books is your favourite? Do you have a book you treasure on your shelf?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. OH MY GOSH, this edition is so pretty and I'm so jealous! That map is just beyond gorgeous!

    I'm definitely looking into this. Narnia played a huge role in my childhood and I need this edition to commemorate that, LOL.

    1. Awww thank you Kayla! I agree - Narnia was such a staple of my childhood too, and having a gorgeous edition like this keeps the memories alive and is a great keepsake <3


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