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Pros & Cons Of Predictable Storylines ~ Guest Post by Library Luv

The best part about blogging is the blogger community. 

Running this blog has given me the chance to meet so many incredible people, including fellow bloggers. 

One of these bloggers is Library Luv.

Library Luv runs Beyond The Book Reviews and is a book blogger of mostly YA fiction. And can I just say that I'm so excited to have her back on my blog as a guest blogger! Working with her is lots of fun and her posts are always so imaginative and a joy to read.

I hope you all love her post - a piece on the pros and cons of predictable book storylines. And if you enjoy what you read here be sure and check out more of Library Luv's musings and reviews over on her blog, as well as her previous guest post on my blog!

~ A guest post by Library Luv ~

When cracking open a new book, is it fun to start off by predicting what will happen to the characters and what path the story will take? 

I know that I have a tendency of starting to make assumptions mid-way through a story. Though sometimes I can guess what will exactly occur and the tragedies that will come to be. Now, is this a fun thing to do? I believe that there are pros and cons to predicting a storyline.

There is one book in particular that comes to my mind right away when I think about my predictions becoming completely accurate. This story was “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. 

I had made my predictions and started to stimulate theories within the first chapters, and sure enough they had all been right (I won’t say what my theories were to prevent spoiling others who haven’t had the chance to pick up that book). Now, even with my predictions being accurate, I don’t think it made me love the book any less...however I did have some problems with my predictions coming true.

I believe that with every good storyline there are pros and cons to being able to predict what events will unfold before your eyes.


When beginning to predict a story, I feel more connected and involved in the book. I am more eager to find out if I am right.

If (and usually when I am not!) right, I love to watch the stories unfold. If though the odd chance I have guessed right, and predicted some event or plot twist in a novel there’s a certain feeling that comes along with it. It feels like I have a deeper understanding of the book because I could connect so well that I guessed some events right. 

Now these predictions usually happen within the second or third book in the series. When I have already connected with some of the characters in book one, for example, and have a general admiration for where the story is heading. 

That’s what makes predicting a story or part of a story good; the feeling of being so well connected to the fictional world you have chosen to enter.

However with that being said, sometimes even those feelings can’t balance out the feeling of predicting a story and feeling like you spoiled it for yourself.


Every reader has the urges to begin predicting stories once the book opens and unfolds before your eyes. In most cases it is fun to guess and have this connection running between you and the book. 

Sometimes that feeling can transform into the sensation of having spoiled it for yourself. It can feel as though the book was too predictable. 

There have been a couple of books I felt that I didn't spoil for myself. Rather, I felt that the story was too predictable. When a story becomes too predictable it begins to sound repetitive and the interest that was first there for the book gets lost. Many thoughts begin forming and questions start accumulating. Some of those result in you feeling negativity towards the book, and wondering why you opened it in the first place.

When cracking open a book and letting your inner thoughts wander, make sure to enjoy yourself and the predictions you make. 

Though predicting can be fun, don’t set yourself up to lose interest in a book if you already aren’t completely hooked. Be forewarned...but then again don’t be too cautious either. Books are for the imagination, and sometimes we can’t help but begin imagining theories for things with have connections and passions for!

About the blogger

Library Luv is a bookworm and a book blogger. 

She loves to read and get lost in many books. She has lived a thousand lives, and sometimes they are even better than reality.

You can connect with Library Luv over on her Twitter page.

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