Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mafia Madness: Birthright Book 2 Review

Because It Is My Blood (Birthright, #2) 

Rating: 4.9

"'The trees were about twice the height of the workers who tended them. For grooming the trees, the men used flat swords that were over a foot long.
"They're pruning the trees," Theo informed me.
"What do you call the tool they're using?" I asked.
"A machete."
"I thought those were used for killing people," I said.
"Si, I am told they are good for that, too."'

Some people's family problems come from money, power struggles, history. Anya's come from chocolate.

Anya Balanchine's family's involvement in chocolate goes way back. But in a dystopian world where chocolate is an illegal substance, her family name is drenched in infamy. Anya is determined to have a chocolate-free future, to be a model citizen and avoid the conflicts of the year behind her. But like any chocolate lover knows, sooner or later you're back for more. And with Anya, it's in her blood.

'"I hate chocolate," I whispered.
Simon Green put his hand on my shoulder. "Don't say that , Anya," he said gently.
"Why shouldn't I? It's brown, ugly, altogether aesthetically unappealing. it's unhealthy, addictive, illegal. It's bitter when it's good and too sweet when it's cheap. I can't honestly understand why anyone bothers with the stuff. If I woke up tomorrow and the world had no chocolate in it, I would be a happier person."

Debts must be paid, families must be kept safe, a society must be straightened and decisions must be made. Anya's journey will take her to places close to home, and across the oceans, but it will ultimately lead to her final decision: whether to be a true Balanchine, or to put her history behind her


  1. What an interesting concept, making chocolate against the law. It makes me think of what is going on in NYC and the attempt to limit the size of soft drinks people can buy. It sounds crazy, but who knows, maybe chocolate is on their hit list, too.

  2. Have you read the last book yet? I adore this series and this second book is my favorite of the three.

    1. I have! And I agree - the second book was definitely my fave too <3


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